About us

ZJPL International Lawyers was founded by Adam Znyk, Michał Jan Jaworski, Richard Pietrzyk and Marcin Lewandowski, who all share the same work ethic as well as philosophy and policy of providing legal services with regards to cross-border business activities. In 2019, Krzysztof Komorniczak joined as a partner.

Due to our profound, in-depth knowledge of the legal systems of Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, likewise their culture and language, we created a unique team of experts providing cross-border legal services.

We specialize in representing clients in complex cases which demand more than the legal knowledge and an experienced lawyer, namely a comprehensive understanding of and approach to an issue, as well as being able to operate in different legal systems and cultural spheres at once.

It remains unaltered, that we put the quality of our services over their quantity. We are proud of our lasting relationships with our clients and welcome the same strong ties with future clients.


Nota prawna

“ZJPL“, “ZJPL International Lawyers“ or “The Law Firm“ refers to an international alliance of law firms that includes ZJPL Znyk, Jaworski, Pietrzyk, Lewandowski sp.p, ZJPL Pietrzyk & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte, Lewandowski Advocatenkantoor B.V., each of which is a separate legal entity that provides legal services in accordance with the law applicable within its jurisdiction.